Hilario Durán’s “Contumbao” Tour Schedule Summer 2018


Hilario Durán Contumbao - Summer 2018 Tour Schedule

Hilario Duran’s “Contumbao” explores the entire spectrum Of Cuban music with the authenticity and vibrancy of Duran’s unique musical vision into the foreseeable future.



Internationally recognised as a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader of the highest order, the Cuban-Canadian Duran has been based in Toronto for the past two decades, but his musical heart and soul have remained closely connected to the land of his birth.

Highlighting the creative spectrum of Hilario’s musical career, he will be joined by a group of musicians who are in demand in a Toronto’s scene: Roberto Riverón on Bass, with more than 25 years of music making career. Percussion: Jorge Luis Torres “Papiosco”, named “The Child Prodigy” by the late Tata Güines, one of the most important Cuban percussionists. In addition, as a very special guest, this tour will be joined by the one and only, drummer Horacio “El Negro” Hernández.

It is a quartet performing Hilario’s diverse stylistic experiences with all his African and Cuban identities. People who have seen Hilario Durán any time know he goes above and beyond the reputation of so many great Cuban pianists.

Hilario makes a triumphant musical homecoming on his new album Contumbao. The repertoire, in a quartet formation, spans the entire spectrum of Cuban music featuring his authenticity. This quartet delivers creative vision, expert musical knowledge, and respect for the tradition with an extraordinary collection of musicians providing an exciting artistic experience.

Maestro Durán recorded his new material (all original) in his native country, the island of Cuba; at the EGREM studios in Havana. On the month of June, 2018; Hilario Durán, in a quartet formation will be on the road to distribute this new material to all Canada.

The repertoire to be performed presents the return to Hilario’s roots and his ancestors. It is Afro-Cuban Jazz with elements of Bembé 6X8, Güajira and Son Montuno enriched with the Tumbao, which means a typical Cuban ostinato melody used to comping most of the styles of Cuban music.

Contumbao is a revelation, a tried, tested well-oiled machine that exudes camaraderie and sixth-sense and Durán has perfect soul mates in drummer Horacio “El Negro”, percussionist Jorge Luis “Papiosco”, and bassist Roberto Riverón. The empathy between them is not only the key to resolution; it helps take the music to an enthralling high.

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