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cd cover - cuban rhapsody

Cuban Rhapsody - Alma Records, 2011

Jane Bunnett Flute, Soprano Sax
Hilario Durán Piano

“When two of the most acclaimed modern explorers of Cuban music combine their prodigious talents on the music they love, musical magic happens. That is demonstrated in truly enchanting fashion on Rhapsody Cubana, the debut duet recording by Jane Bunnett and Hilario Durán. They are both virtuoso players, arrangers, composers, and bandleaders in their own right, and they have the Juno Awards (and Grammy nominations) to prove it. Their shared musical history and close personal friendship now spans 21 years, and this empathy is at the heart of Rhapsody Cubana.”  —Nat Chediak

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cd cover - motion Motion - Alma Records, 2010

Nominated for two JUNO 2010 Awards. Best Contemporary Jazz Album and Best Recording Engineer (John “Beetle” Bailey)

Selected #1 by Latin Jazz Network: Best Recordings of 2010

One of the greatest Cuban pianists. No doubt about it. Either solo, on a duo, trio, quartet… or a big band (you get the idea), Hilario’s compositions and arrangements are outstanding.”   See the article and video.       —Danilo Navas, Feb 2, 2011.

The Hilario Duran Trio, with its outstanding musical interplay of these stellar musicans, featuring Roberto Occhipinti on bass and Mark Kelso on drums, thrills audiences of all kinds.

“This trio is one of my most expressive musical formationsclassic Cuban and Latin jazz repertoire with essential rhythms from Afro-Cuban music like cha-cha-cha, Bembé, Mambo, Son Montuno and elements of modern jazz.”  —Hilario Durán

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cd cover - from the heart From the Heart - Alma Records, 2006

This album is dedicated "to all the great Cuban conductors that I have had the opportunity to work with: Rafael Somavilla, Armando Romeu, Adolfo Guzman, Tony Taño, Rembert Egües, and Germán Pifferrer among others. Dedicated as well to Ernesto Lecuona, Lilí Martínez, Antonio María Romeu, Peruchín, Richard Egües, Chucho Valdés and all the other great composers, arrangers and musicians of the first order who inspired and pushed me to grow in my career. This recording is a tribute to you." Hilario Durán

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cd cover - encuentro en la habana Encuentro en La Habana - Alma Records, 2005

"This album was recorded in Cuba on the 25th and 26th of February 2005 at the EGREM Studios in Havana. To record again with the former members of one of Cuba’s most ambitious musical projects was long a dream. For years we all performed together as the band for Grammy Award-winning trumpet player Arturo Sandoval. When Arturo moved to the United States, we renamed the group Perspectiva, evolving a new musical perspective."

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cd cover - new danzon New Danzón - Alma Records, 2004

"The Hilario Durán Trio, comprised of Cuban-born Durán, renowned Canadian bassist, Roberto Occhipinti and Grammy award winner, Cuban-born percussionist Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez, have taken the wonderful classic Cuban music called Danzon to new heights. The result is New Danzon, a fresh and vibrant Latin jazz offering, which melds the traditional with sophisticated be-bop and technical musical mastery."

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cd cover - habana nocturna Habana Nocturna - Justin Time, 1999

"Habana Nocturna's roots in Cuban music are Guillermo Rubalcaba's Charanga Típica de Concierto and the trailblazing danzones composed by Cachao ad Macho López for Arcaño y sus Maravillas. In jazz, the Gonzalo Rubalcaba paid tribute to his father's music in 'Mi Gran Pasión' (1987). But Durán's Habana Nocturna is a round-trip ticket from Cuban music to jazz, and back; a landmark album of Cuban Jazz in the nineties."
Nat Chediak (author of "Diccionario de Jazz Latino"), April 1999

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cd cover - killer tumbao Killer Tumbao - Justin Time, 1997

"After making a name for himself as a primarily jazz oriented pianist... Hilario Durán returns to Castro country for this energetic get-down with an all stars cast of Cuban greats. 'Killer Tumbao' is a pounding collision of Latin roots and jazz elegance, as much heady folklore as swing."
Matt Galloway, Now magazine (Toronto), May 1997

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cd cover - francisco's song Francisco's Song - Justin Time, 1996

"Durán, the latest keyboard sensation from Cuba to draw attention... is a fiery performer whose debut disc is just out - and hot. On 15 tunes, with Jane Bunnett, bass Alain Caron and guitarrist Sonny Greenwich, there's powerful, chord-packed interpretations as Cuban and North American traditions are pulled together, the title track quite brilliant and jazz faves Giant Steps, Lush Life and Hot House amazingly fresh."
Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star, June 1996

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cd cover - habana remembered

Havana Remembered - Somerset Entertainment, 2001

Savor the joyful spirit of Old Havana with this collection of songs from the golden era of Cuban Music.

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Club Mambo (Solitude) 2000
Buscando Cuerdas (Egrem) 1994
Tiembla Tierra (Egrem) 1990
Los de Siempre (Egrem) 1978
La Gran Timba del Caribe (Egrem) 1978
Habana 9 pm (Egrem) 1976

With Jane Bunnett:    
Spirits of Havana (CBC-Egrem-Messidor) 1992
Rendez-vouz Brazil-Cuba (Justin Time) 1995
Havana Flute Summit (Naxos) 1996
Chamalongo (EMI-Blue Note) 1997
Ritmo+Soul (EMI-Blue Note) 2000

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